Britt Jagodnik, LCSW

     Originally from Boston, I have lived in New York City for over two decades. A Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), I completed my Master’s degree at Hunter College in 2006. My employment history includes extensive work in inpatient psychiatry at Beth Israel Medical Center, where I worked with a general psychiatric population as well as patients who were dually diagnosed with substance use disorders. At Beth Israel, I supervised Masters level social work students from Touro College and Columbia University.


     In addition to hospital work, my experience includes working in a substance abuse treatment facility, as well as in NYU’s Counseling and Wellness Department. Much of my work has been with people in their 20’s and 30’s, though I do have experience and enjoy working with people in their 40’s and above. I am committed to enhancing and improving my skills as a psychotherapist; since completing the One Year Evening Program in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy at the National Institute for Psychotherapies (NIP) in 2015, I have gone on to more advanced training, also at NIP, in Psychoanalysis and Comprehensive Psychotherapy.

     Hello, I'm Britt Jagodnik. I'm a psychotherapist with experience helping people who are going through life transitions, as well as those struggling with body image issues and maintaining recovery from substance abuse.


     More than any particular treatment approach, I believe it is the relationship between therapist and patient that leads to sustained, positive growth and change. Finding a “good fit” with a therapist is crucial in order for you to allow yourself to open up about thoughts, feelings, and experiences that may be painful - and which you may not have disclosed to anyone else. I provide an open, safe and nonjudgmental space in which you can truly be yourself. While no topic is off limits, I also recognize that certain traumatic experiences or parts of your life may be too difficult to talk about in the early stages. I am attuned to and respectful of your boundaries and limitations and will work with you to understand what makes these topics feel overwhelming. At the same time, my style is interactive, and I will challenge you to apply what you have learned about yourself in therapy to make meaningful changes outside of the therapy room - in relationships, at work or school, and in how you understand your own desires and motivations. I consider it a privilege to be allowed access to your emotional life and will treat you not as a cluster of symptoms, but as an individual with your own unique story. My job is to help you understand that story with more emotional resonance, depth, and clarity.

Britt Jagodnik, LCSW

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