Do you identify as gay, lesbian, or simply “not straight?”

Are you struggling with the lingering emotional effects of coming out to family or friends who may not have been as supportive or as embracing of your identity as you’d hoped?

Are you still coming to terms with your sexuality, while other LGBT people you know seemed to have embraced theirs?

Maybe you’re in a non-traditional relationship that’s polyamorous, or, by contrast, asexual.

     These are just some of the scenarios I’ve encountered in working with young LGBTQ people over the past several years. Despite the strides we’ve made as a society in acknowledging the fluidity of gender and sexuality, many people still feel troubled or marginalized by not conforming to the dominant, heteronormative culture. Sexual images dominate pop culture, which can make us feel confused, misunderstood and somehow lacking if we don’t desire sexual intimacy. In therapy, we will explore your particular identification, what it means to you, and the role it has played in your life.

     If your concern is coming out, we can explore your fears and expectations in an effort to determine what choice is best for you. In all cases, I strive toward helping you achieve self-acceptance and authenticity in your life.

Britt Jagodnik, LCSW

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