Life Transitions

Are you changing your role in life, or considering it?

Are you transitioning to the workplace after being a student for the majority of your life?

Starting college and perhaps experiencing some adjustment issues since leaving home?

Maybe you’re older, and you’re in a relationship that’s progressing - possibly even to marriage - but something doesn’t feel quite right.

Maybe you’re still longing for that love interest you had in college, and questioning whether your current partner is “the one.”

     Major transitions can occur throughout our lives, but are most prevalent in late adolescence and early adulthood, as we learn to separate from our families of origin and begin to explore our own identities in the world. These changes can feel overwhelming, as we strive to meet not only our own expectations but those of our parents and the peers to whom we often compare ourselves. Psychotherapy can be instrumental in helping us clarify what we want, both personally and professionally, by examining where we have been; the thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that have informed our past experiences and relationships generally follow us into early adulthood. We may, for example, have longstanding fears of rejection or abandonment, which can distort our views and cause us to misinterpret the actions or intentions of a partner. Learning to identify the distortions that have been generated by our own narrative can help us see our current relationships in a more realistic light, leading to healthier life choices.  

     Change can be scary, especially in emerging adulthood. I have been working with young adults in psychotherapy for the past eight years and can attest to the tremendous value of a stable, nonjudgmental therapeutic relationship in which no subject is off limits. I strive to create an environment in which your fears and anxieties are explored in depth, and your strengths are recognized and valued.

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