Substance Abuse Recovery

Are you newly sober from drugs and alcohol?

Have you been sober for a sustained period of time, maybe participating in an outpatient substance abuse treatment program or self-help program such as Alcoholics Anonymous?

Do you want to understand the root causes of your chemical dependency in a one-on-one setting?

     As someone who has worked extensively in substance abuse treatment settings, I’m well aware that outpatient programs and self-help groups can be enormously helpful to people in understanding their triggers to drug and alcohol use, as well as developing a relapse prevention plan. However, they are typically conducted in group settings, which can feel overwhelming at times and may not foster the kind of trust necessary to reveal the most painful parts of one’s past.   


     Therapy offers a safe and confidential setting in which to understand what function substances have been fulfilling in your life, rather than simply teaching you how to abstain from use. We will explore the experiences, relationships, and events that have shaped your life and contributed to your reliance on drugs or alcohol. Sometimes, though certainly not always, these include early losses and complex relationships with parents, who may also have issues with drugs or alcohol. These experiences are often accompanied by painful emotions, which, if left unprocessed, can lead to relapse.

     Through insight gained in therapy, you will come to better understand and regulate these negative emotions, which may have been masked while you were using. This self-awareness can be used to develop healthier ways of coping and relating, and to repair the areas of your life (work, relationships, etc.) that have been negatively impacted by substance use.

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